Employment opportunities highest since peak of recession

Employment opportunities have risen to their highest rates since the peak of the recession, according to a new study.

The Employment Outlook Survey, undertaken by a leading a recruitment company, has revealed that the UK has a seasonally adjusted employment outlook of three per cent.

This is based on the amount of employers hoping to create jobs in the next quarter.

According to Reuters, employers within the capital have an increased employment outlook of six per cent, suggesting that a host of jobs in London are set to be created in the near future.

Furthermore, the majority of the UK’s job opportunities are coming from small and medium-sized enterprises which have a combined outlook of eight per cent, indicating that the majority of new jobs are being created within the private sector.

Mark Cahill, a spokesman for the company who produced the survey, was not surprised that small businesses were largely responsible for the new job opportunities becoming available.

Speaking to HR Magazine, he said: “It seems when it comes to job vacancies, small is beautiful. Candidates sometimes assume that bigger is better when it comes to employers, but these statistics clearly point to the opposite.

“SMEs were among the first to shed jobs during the recession, but we are now seeing them build their workforce again and becoming an increasingly important source of job creation in the UK.” 

by Joe Elvin on June 14, 2011

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