Employers will recruit over next eight months

Over a fifth of small-to-medium businesses wish to recruit within the remainder of 2011, HR Magazine reported.

According to a report from the Forum of Private Businesses, 22 per cent of SMEs will be hiring in a variety of positions, potentially spelling good news for people looking for London PA jobs.

Around eight per cent said they did want to recruit, but noted that some training and development would be required for new employees; as they would have to get used to the company culture.

More than half expected to retain their current employees; and 26 per cent said a greater profitability would support their efforts to retain staff, whereas 17 per cent stated that having less red tape would help keep staff on.

15 per cent noted improving business confidence can help retain staff and 11 per cent said support for training in the workplace would be useful for employee retention.

Tom Parry, research manager at the Forum of Private Businesses, told fpb.org that SMEs form the backbone of recruitment: “Micro, small and medium sized businesses were responsible for 65 per cent of jobs created between 1997 and 2007, so smaller employers are crucial to job creation in this country.”

This followed news that soft skills, such as communication and personality traits, will rate highest for recruitment professionals in 2011.

by Ashley Curtis on April 26, 2011

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