Employers should invest in female talent, HR director says

A HR director has said that many employers are missing out on talented females employees and suggests that more companies should invest in women who have left work after having children.

Speaking to hrmagazine.co.uk, Valerie Hughes-D’Aeth, HR director at public services provider Amey, said that women often drop out of the workforce after having children because their employers don’t given them enough flexibility.

She explained that these women often have a huge amount of experience and have a lot of useful skills that employers, particularly those providing technical roles such as broadcast jobs, should take advantage of.

In addition, she said that women who spend time away from work aren’t as confident when they come back. In order for these women to live up to their full potential, she said that employers must be welcoming when they re-enter the workplace.

Research from O2 last week highlighted that half of female workers believe they cannot be successful at both home and work, reports thomsons.com. Ms Hughes-D’Aeth agreed with the research findings and explained that she was forced get a job at another company after having children.

“When I first had children I decided to take a step-back and go down to three days a week, because I’d rather have that time with my children,” she said. “This did mean changing employers, as the company at the time wouldn’t allow me to do this.”

by Laura Varley on September 21, 2013

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