Employers plan to hire in 2013, according to new survey

Employers are going to be looking to employ more permanent staff in 2013, according to rec.uk.com.

New research shows that more than half of employers are planning to expand on their workforces in the coming year.

A survey of 600 employers showed the UK job market is set to grow, with one in three planning to recruit temporary staff and over 50 per cent looking to take on permanent employees.

Tom Hadley, the director of policy for the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), said: “There are various factors influencing what’s been termed this ‘jobs puzzle’. The fact that wage inflation remains low is one reason that employers have been able to maintain or increase their workforce.”

According to aol.co.uk, the number of jobs in London created last month had trebled compared to January last year, to over 2,500 positions. The rise in employers looking to recruit in 2013 appears to go against the recent news that the UK had suffered a distinct lack of GDP growth.

Predictions stated that there was a risk of an employment ‘cliff edge’ but this latest research shows that may not be the case, with most regions across the UK finding there is an increased demand for new staff.

by Lauren Sutton on February 4, 2013

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