Employers hit out at claims that they should favour young Brits

Employers have hit out at Iain Duncan Smith after he called for employers to favour young British employees over migrant workers.

During a speech in Spain last Friday, the work and pensions secretary claimed that there was a danger that youngsters would not benefit from economic recovery unless employers did their bit to help them.

However Channel 4 News report that his comments have sparked outrage from many employers who claim they were encouraging illegal discrimination.

British Chamber of Commerce’s director general, David Frost, was one of many employment professionals to disagree with Duncan Smith’s opinions.

He believed that jobs in London or any other areas of the UK should always go to whoever the best candidate is, regardless of their nationality. 

Speaking to HR Magazine, he said: “Getting more young people into work in this country doesn’t rely upon stemming the flow of skilled migrants coming to the UK. It’s about more than just additional training to get people into work.

“We need to provide our young people with the right skills at school in the first place, and overhaul our welfare system so it incentivises people to move into employment.”

Under EU laws, any members of EU states can work in the UK without restriction. The Government has introduced a cap on the amount of employees being imported from outside of the EU.

by Joe Elvin on July 7, 2011

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