Today’s job market is competitive. It’s competitive for clients who want the best candidates, for candidates who want the best jobs and for the finance people who want as much value for money as possible. In the middle of this are recruiters trying to work it all out!

The job market, just like fashion, food, TV and music, has trends. Whilst going about our jobs trying to work out what is happening sometimes these trends become more apparent and in an effort to help employers get a grasp of the situation I thought it would be helpful  to point out a few of the trends that employees are looking for at the moment – some of these are the same as always but there are a few new ones to be aware of.

Meaningful work – the days of working behind a desk 9-5 turning out numbers have passed us by. People want their work to matter whether that be a supporting table that helps you win that pitch or working on reception to keep the business going, we have to ascribe meaning to job roles.

Good Reputation – we all want to work for good companies, but in the age of social media and reviews available of everything from films to printer cartridges, having a good online reputation is vital.

Benefits – I know it’s simple but offer flexibility, good holiday entitlement  and any extras to make people feel wanted.

Its more than just a job- this may be most prevalent in London, but work is a major part of your social life. Getting the balance of social and work can be hard but the companies who embrace are more appealing to candidates

Please please please be sensible with salaries! – Despite a common perception, recruiters do not want you to offer more money so we can charge you more! We want you to offer more to secure the candidate and keep them. Market rates are widely known so if you’re paying under the market rate people will know – if you need a salary guide for your sector let us know!

Interviews go both ways – in the last quarter I had 3 candidates turn down jobs due to interviews not being concise or giving the candidates enough information. Unless it is a 6 figure salary 2 stages with a test/ presentation is normal and what is expected. There are always exceptions to this but a 6 stage interview with drinks to see ‘fit’ is overkill and will probably make top tier candidate pull out of the process.

So these are the top “hot off the press” tips for 2018 so far!


by on March 27th, 2018
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