Employee engagement is so low, one-third of UK workers want to quit

New research has found that over a third of UK employees are so disengaged at work, they are considering leaving their jobs, Management Today reports.

Rather than being grateful for being employed during this turbulent time, it would appear that many people want to walk, that’s according to research carried out by Mercer.

The ‘What’s Working’ study surveyed 2,400 workers and found that 59 per cent of private sector employees are unhappy at work. A further 36 per cent have been thinking of leaving, those looking for jobs in London may be interested to learn.

Just 61 per cent said their work offered them a sense of personal achievement. In 2008, this figure was 70 per cent.

The overall picture is one of disengagement and while not necessarily related to the recession exclusively, the fall out from redundancy situations can have a lasting effect on employees.

Commenting on the findings, Chris Johnson, UK Head of Human Capital at Mercer, told Grapevine Online: “During the recession, many employees have faced a mix of pay freezes, training and benefit cuts, and limited promotion opportunities – and have often absorbed extra workloads due to redundancy programmes. Many are still feeling vulnerable and generally unhappy with their lot.

“Those who are engaged and who feel better about their employer and themselves are the people who can drive their employer’s success as the economy recovers. The problem is that these are the employees who are wanting to move.”

by Elizabeth Smythe on July 6, 2011

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