Dress appropriately for a decent first impression, claims expert

Appearance is key when participating in an interview so one expert has outlined a few tips and tricks to nailing a first impression with an interviewer, reports cipd.co.uk.

Lisa Talbot, a personal and corporate stylist, believes that dressing to impress could help jobseekers land that all-important position. Consequently, it is important that jobseekers remember they only have seven seconds to impress, adds forbes.com.

Visual factors and cues help identify a personal brand, according to Talbot, and an image helps represent a personal and business identity. She lists Dragon’s Den panellist Peter Jones, high street expert Mary Portas and fashion firm owner Michelle Mone as businessmen and women with a solid personal and business brand.

In addition, Talbot recommends another article jobseekers should be wearing – a smile.

“This not only improves confidence but draws people to you – important when engaging your interviewer, client or colleagues,” she said, which could influence jobseekers attending interviews for jobs in London, for instance.

Another tip is to maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Neat hair, natural make-up, appropriate accessories and clean nails could be key to making a solid first impression.

Overall, dress to suit the industry. A banking and finance position would normally require a formal outfit but a business suit wouldn’t necessarily be the right look for a position in the creative sector, she adds.

by Ashley Curtis on April 4, 2013

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