Don’t ever underestimate the value of good recruitment companies

Don’t ever underestimate the value of good recruitment companies, when looking to find a new job.

As many companies are trying to use the internet to source their own people, research shows that many people like to make decisions on their career by word of mouth and use recruiter companies that they have had recommended to them. This not only gives them access to a broad range of jobs, but also saves time in job hunting.
The London jobs market is extremely fierce and certainly when looking at jobs in broadcast, market research and multilingual sales, not all candidates are easily found.
A good recruiter is able to not only offer you good career advice, an informed selection of jobs, a knowledge of the market; trends, business plans, advice on a cv, inside information on interviews and assessments including what the company is looking for in terms of skills beyond a cv;, it is also able to offer an unbiased selection of roles to suit.
A recruitment company is often trusted with confidential roles, when the company hiring doesn’t want its’ clients or competitors knowing what they are doing, or where their gaps are. These roles are generally not advertised on websites or job boards.
Although there is a rise in the number of in-house recruitment roles in London, many firms who try and hire directly, don’t always succeed as they are can’t always go beyond the initial perception that a person has about their business. They are still having to resort to using external recruiters who are experts in the field. A recruiter’s job is to know exactly where to find the ideal applicant, address any concerns or questions an applicant may have, and also to save time (and money for it’s clients).
Don’t always think the recruiter has only the company’s interest at heart. There is no joy in in sending someone to the wrong job and there’s no better recommendation than to have someone thank you for finding them the right opportunity , or even an opportunity that they may never have considered if they had decided to trawl through job boards themselves.


by manuela on February 11, 2012

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