Don't compromise your language

The use of technology and particularly text (txt) messaging to communicate has had an enormous impact on the English language and literacy in general.

We accept that there are many new words emerging in everyday life however this cannot replace the need to write and spell correctly. We frequently see cvs with spelling and grammar mistakes in them and when you look at the increasingly poor level of English language teaching at schools in the UK, one starts to question whether the correct and traditional use of the English language is going to be less and less important in the future.

I personally feel that having an excellent command of the English language is still vital when job hunting and also applying for roles which require presentation skills and communication skills. It’s a bit like reading a well written book. The better the writing the more compelling we could find the writer. The better written the cv, the more interesting and appealing we will find the job applicant.

by Boyce Recruitment on November 22, 2010

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