Delegation is about responsibilities, not tasks, claims entrepreneur

If a manager wants to delegate something to another staff member, they should aim to hand over full responsibility for it, not just give them a task to complete, an entrepreneur has claimed.

Matthew Toren, co-founder of and a business author, wrote on that a crucial aspect of delegation is empowerment through the transfer of responsibilities, but he stressed that a manager must be willing to accept some mistakes along the way.

‘Encourage initiative. One way to do this is to let your employees know that if they feel comfortable making a decision they should make it. Over time, their comfort-zones will expand and they will need to ask for help less and less,’ wrote said the business expert.

All kinds of jobs in London and across the UK will come with some degree of management responsibility, with employees expected to manage other staff’s skills. For Mr Toren, a good way to begin delegating is to do so in stages, starting with small duties and getting bigger as the person shows they can handle it.

There is a subtle difference between being over-worked and simply busy – a survey reported by revealed that 89 per cent of respondents felt they were over-worked by their employer.

However, in spite of this, 38 per cent of these people said that they are happy with their work-life balance, indicating that having a lot of responsibility at work need not always cause problems for an employee’s personal life.

by Paul Smithson on December 28, 2012

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