Degree not essential for marketing career

Getting a degree doesn’t mean that a job in the marketing sector is guaranteed.

That’s according to a poll by The Marketers Forum, cited by, which suggests that life skills and bespoke training could be two important factors when it comes to landing a position in the marketing industry.

The poll claims that more than half of marketing managers do not look for candidates with degrees when recruiting new marketers while 77 per cent ‘dismiss the notion’ that having a degree is essential.

Furthermore, 18 per cent of recent graduates said they’d rather have just gone for professional qualifications instead of going to university and getting a degree.

This could provide good news for those looking for marketing jobs – London, Manchester, Birmingham and anywhere else in the UK – who don’t have a degree to their name.

Quentin Crowe, managing director of The Marketers Forum, commented on the trend to “Our new research sends a stark wake-up call to school leavers thinking about a career in marketing, management and business.

“Having been drip fed for years the myth that possession of a degree, in any subject and from any university, is the only way to get ahead in life, the reality seems to be that there are some serious alternatives to three years in higher education and a mountain of debt,” he added.

by Ashley Curtis on June 18, 2012

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