December job hunters

Now is a very pertinent time to look for a job as companies are keen to recruit before year end when they have budgets to spend and  already planning for 2012.

It is often a time when people are working harder than ever to stay in their job, as company year end deadlines reach a climax, but many employers who are looking for skilled peoople are willing to out mroe time in and be more flexible whenr ecruiting new people, offering  more workable interview times. The priority is to start 2012 without the added burden of having to look for new people.

Be wary of putting your job  search on hold. There could be less competition for roles at this time and January will surely bring in neww projects and activity which will prevent people from taking time off work.

Manuela Boyce

by Manuela Boyce on November 22, 2011

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