Customer satisfaction requires changing ‘snakes and ladders’ approach, expert says

Brands that focus on offering an efficient and convenient customer experience are far more likely to succeed and win repeat business, according to an expert.   

In his article for, independent research consultant, Peter Shreeve bemoans what he considers the ‘snakes and ladders of customer service’ that so many brands persist in demonstrating. By this he’s referring to the provision of ‘multiple ladders to find what you want; multiple snakes to send you back where you started’.  

Shreeve emphasises the frustration with this process; most consumers want speedy and accuracy by receive slow responses, poor information, confusing website navigation and long call waiting times.   

He says that strong brands focus on diminishing their snakes and adopt solutions to reduce the number of ‘rungs’ on their ladders. That way, customers don’t have to jump through hoops to achieve their end goal.

Excellent customer service is something that all workers need to be proficient in, whether they are in a front of house role, back office administration, sales or market research jobs. Customers aren’t necessarily external, either, they can be colleagues in another department, thus it’s a message which is relevant to everyone.

To help meet this objective, Chris Tyrrell of the Customer Service Excellence standards organisation says that communicating core values to all staff can help in the delivery of customer satisfaction. It provides a framework within which all staff know they should behave.

Asking for feedback is another great way to measure performance and identify areas for improvement, Terrell told Publishing any actions taken to resolve complaints can demonstrate the brand is a ‘listening and learning’ company.

by Elizabeth Smythe on July 23, 2013

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