Cultural fit is important to organisations, claims survey

Determining a ‘cultural fit’ is becoming an increasingly important aspect during an interview, according to over half of organisations that have rejected a candidate based on such criteria.

A study by development consultancy Cubiks, cited by, asked 500 people from 54 countries about their attitudes to workplace culture.

The research suggested 82 per cent of respondents said measuring the cultural fit of candidates is an ‘essential part’ of the recruitment process.

However, only 54 per cent of respondents say their organisation has a clear definition of culture.

Nonetheless, it appears that cultural fit is a trait that many interviewers continue to look for. As a result, those looking for jobs in London, Manchester, Birmingham or anywhere else in the UK should work on researching the company and its culture, should an interview be granted.

Martin Smith, CEO of Cubiks, commented on the survey on “This suggests that many organisations still need to work on implementing effective and robust processes for assessing cultural fit, particularly as such a significant number do not have definitions of their culture in place.

“Organisations need to take time to explore and understand their culture, and only when this is clearly defined can they begin to assess in a robust way how individuals fit with it,” he added.

by Ashley Curtis on July 1, 2013

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