Consultant in the chair : Sophie Harris

What was your first placement in recruitment?

Market analyst for TV company 

How did you get into market research recruitment?

I was moving to London from the Midlands, I came into meet with Boyce about a potential role in Market Research, they offered me a temp job with them instead, I started 2 weeks later and became a perm consultant within a week…almost 18 months later I am still here!


What do you enjoy the most about it?

Meeting new people and building relationships, and of course telling people they have been offered a new job!


What are the main challenges of working in this division?

In Market Research, some of the roles can be quite specific with a niche set of skills required, so finding the right candidates for my roles can often be quite challenging.


What are the three most important qualities in a  good recruitment consultant?

  1. Be nosey; ask enough questions to get a good idea of a. your candidates background and b. what they want, and also c. finding out about your clients business, why will people want to work there…
  2. Be persistent, with candidates – don’t give up if you know someone is right for your role, and with clients – keep chasing
  3. Be organised, calls, enquiries, new roles etc, come up every hour that weren’t necessarily on your ‘to do list’ so making sure you get everything done each day and managing this is key


What’s the difference between a good market research candidate and an exceptional candidate?

Someone who has the personality to match the skills on paper


How has the recruitment industry changed since you started?

To be honest I joined the recruitment industry in a recession which has been challenging at times, recruitment in the Market Research industry has been relatively constant, but clients are very very particular about the roles and skills they need in candidates, in the last 6 months I would say things have improved somewhat and there is a definite increase for certain roles i.e. Business Development candidates


What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in life?

Everything happens for a reason!


What advice would you give to someone who wanted to work in your industry?

If you like meeting people, and aren’t afraid of a challenge you have nothing to lose.


What would you be doing if you weren’t in recruitment?

Ideally I would be a professional beach hopper… but realistically probably a role focussed around people.


by Boyce Recruitment on October 15, 2012

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