Companies should help graduates build commercial awareness

Companies should being helping graduates improve their commercial awareness, those seeking entry-level London jobs may be interested to hear.

This will help graduates who are fresh out of university to feel more empowered within the workplace, according to experts who took part in a round table discussion hosted by the Employers Forum on Age (EFA).

The discussion, which took place yesterday, included spokespeople from McDonalds, Santander, BT, and HSBC; who believed that young people should be celebrated within the workplace, and their skills developed by their employers. The forum was part of the wider EFA series, ‘The future of young people in the workplace’, which has been designed to analyse the issues surrounding training, funding and the employers’ experience during recruitment.

According to HR Magazine, the attendees of the discussion debated the impact the recession and tuition fees would have on companies – particularly how it made them revisit their graduate recruitment processes. It is thought they shared innovative approaches to recruitment, such as apprenticeships, internships and paying university fees for potential employees.

The chief executive of the EFA, Denise Keating, commented: “The wide-ranging and diverse debate at this first event highlighted that companies have already woken up to realise that their traditional recruitment policies may not work for them going forward, and they need to broaden their approach and sharpen their strategy if they want to select the best workers from the next generation.”

Others have been encouraging universities to help instill these skills within their students, before they even reach the employment stage, such as the Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s (REC) Tom Hadley, who spoke to Online Recruitment.

“Making employability skills an intrinsic element of degree courses is a positive step forward. It will enable graduates to compete in a difficult and evolving jobs market.”


by Deborah Bates on January 24, 2011

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