Companies need credibility and authority in senior sales figures

If a firm wants to deliver an effective sales strategy via a new recruit, it must ensure that person has credibility and the full authority of the senior management, it has been claimed.

Writing in an blog, strategy consultant and business author Dorie Clark suggested that everyone in a business should be tasked with spreading a company’s marketing message, but that the requirements become more strict when it comes to those in senior sales jobs. London has a huge number of prospective candidates, but the right one must fit a certain profile.

Ms Clark explained that anyone in such a position of power will need to be a qualified “deputy” that can credibly represent the firm in high-profile meetings with clients, which is why they need to have management’s full backing.

In her opinion, business leaders should involve themselves in the sales process, but added: “If you still want to delegate business development your business development, you’ll need to pay for the right kind of help. If you’re selling anything pricier than magazine subscriptions, hiring a junior associate to do cold calls is just not going to cut it.”

But when it comes to phone sales there are certain techniques that can help achieve more success, according to‘s William Leith, who is studying a course on the topic by “Wall Street whizz” Jordan Belfort.

He explained that Mr Belfort’s advice is to “paint a picture of a sharp, enthusiastic, helpful, expert” using tone of voice as well as the words spoken.

by Paul Smithson on June 7, 2012

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