Companies must understand graduate expectations

Companies need to work harder to order to have a good understanding of what graduates expect from a job, according to the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

After undertaking research recently, the ILM found that graduates cited their top three priorities within their first job as “carrying out challenging/interesting work, getting high salaries and advancing their careers.”

However many graduates also said they weren’t fulfilling these ambitions in their current jobs, Personnel Today revealed, which could mean employers aren’t in touch with what their graduate staff want.

Some 38 per cent of graduates said their prospective career advancement wasn’t satisfactory; however on the flip side, 31 per cent of managers did say that managing the expectations of graduate staff was their biggest challenge at work.

This could mean graduates in jobs in London and other areas need to work more efficiently with senior staff to compromise on a career path.

One business expert, Kai Peters – chief executive of Ashridge Business School – gave his thoughts on the news. He told “Despite their desire to move quickly into a management role, most graduates are unwilling to model the behaviour of their bosses as a way of advancing their career.

“The current…graduates…believe that their high level of education warrants quick promotion. This, however, is a trait that employers should not be overly critical of.”

He concluded by advising graduates to work hard, be driven and prove that they’ll “go the extra mile” if they wish to fulfill their big ambitions.

by Deborah Bates on July 18, 2011

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