Companies encouraged to take on more employees, thanks to charter

More businesses throughout the UK will be confident in taking on new staff for 2011, those seeking London jobs may be pleased to hear.

Their enthusiasm could be attributed to the proposed Employer’s Charter, says the prime minister, who released a consultation report pertaining to the charter earlier today. He believes that the proposal will help businesses of all shapes and sizes to prosper and grow, after the ever-changing economic climate has previously prevented them from doing so.

“Giving businesses the confidence to take on somebody new will be a real boost to the economy, and help generate the sustainable growth we need,” Cameron claimed in a statement published by The Recruiter.

The proposal, which would see employees have to work a 2-year period for one employer before receiving full employment rights, has been met with mixed feelings; however Alexander Ehmann, the head of regulation for the Institute of Directors (IoD) is positive. He told The Telegraph: “We very much welcome these proposals.”

Cameron continued his statement by adding: “A critical element of the government’s growth strategy is to create the conditions which allow businesses, especially smaller businesses, to flourish and expand, by reducing regulation and maintaining a flexible and dynamic labour market.”

“Today’s announcements on reforms to employment law are among the first conclusions of our government-wide growth review and highlight our determination to ensure that employment law is no longer seen as a barrier to growth, while making sure that employees and employers are treated fairly.”

by Deborah Bates on January 27, 2011

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