Exceptional communication skills, as well as a degree, will give jobseekers a better chance of landing that perfect job.

That’s according to the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, which believes that three key questions are running through the minds of recruiters when a potential candidate sits in the interview chair. These are “Can they do the job?”, “Will they do the job?” and “Will they fit in?”

In addition, businesses often make a decision based on “whether they think a candidate will fit into their business seamlessly”, managers.org.uk confirmed.

Dan Hawes, co-founder of the Bureau, commented: “It is hard to generalise but, in our experience, most employers will want, first of all, a degree in something or other. Next they’ll want really good communication skills and they’ll probably want a can-do attitude among other things.”

As a result, those looking for admin jobs in London, for example, will have to possess good communication skills in order to remain a prime candidate in the mind of an employer.

Hawes’ comments follow those of Peter Shufflebotham, a representative of Learn Direct, who told Press Association: “Employers are looking for people who can fit in and get on with the job from the very start.

“They want people who can handle customers and give good service, get on with colleagues, look presentable and turn up on time.”

by on February 27th, 2012
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