Clegg wants Cameron to boost job creation

Nick Clegg has asked the Prime Minister to re-visit his plans for job creation within the UK; hoping David Cameron will reveal an improved strategy.

According to, the Deputy Prime Minister is concerned that Cameron’s previous plans for job creation haven’t been entirely successful. Now, Clegg wants more support from his superior to create jobs in London and other areas of the UK.

Speaking to his fellow MPs, Clegg said they mustn’t continue “sitting on our hands” and instead, get behind the many state-funded projects waiting to begin throughout the UK. This would surely boost recruitment and get many jobseekers into employment, he believes.

Clegg was supported by one of his fellow Lib Dem members, who chose to remain anonymous. He told “It’s time for Plan B, or at least Plan A plus.”

It seems Clegg’s party is doing all it can to help support the Tories in creating new jobs, according to Danny Alexander’s comments at the recent Lib Dem conference. Alexander announced plans by the party to create a £500 million ‘growing places fund’.

It would provide money to “kick start developments that are currently stalled”, boosting recruitment; as well as funding “that will deliver key infrastructure and create jobs”, the Treasury’s chief secretary confirmed, cited by


by Deborah Bates on September 19, 2011

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