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A cv profile is a really important part of a candidates’ resume and many clients view this as one of the most important elements of a candidates job application.

This is also where job seekers need to take caution as they often use adjectives they think they should use to describe themselves, without considering if they are able to give specific examples, or if they are relevant to the job in hand.

My immediate thoughts go straight to the many graduates’ cvs I have seen over the years which describe “strong leadership skills” when they have neither been a leader or even are able to describe a situation in which they could have had the opportunity to lead.

In a job climate where people are keen to stand out and make an impact it is important to chose your words carefully. It is also important to highlight how you are different and stand out and remember that the majority of candidates will often resort to the same adjectives to describe themselves.   Here are some of the most obvious and common words we have come across recently. They’re not all bad, but they are extremely overused and it would be worth thinking about how you could avoid or improve on these.

Innovative : this is such a strong description there really needs to be an exceptional argument to use this word if at all.

Motivated : do you mean to describe what drives you or interests you? on its own it is meaningless

Organised : this needs substantiating

Effective: ditto

“Strong leadership skills”   ( yeuch )

Entrepreneurial : one would assume you were going it alone

“proven track record” : how so? Also needs elaborating

Responsible : how have you shown responsibility?

There are many others and include: analytical, self starter, teamplayer , “think outside the box” , dynamic, positive, hungry ….

Bearing in mind that many interviews tend to steer towards “competency based” formats, it would be wise to consider carefully what competencies you are able to demonstrate and use those combined with an explanation for your genuine interest in a sector and feature these in your cv.

by on September 26th, 2013
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