In the Chair – Broadcast Recruitment Director Tracey Newton

This week we are delighted to hear from Tracey Newton our Director of Broadcast & Media Recruitment.

How did you get into recruitment?

After finishing college, where I studied a 1 year diploma in secretarial studies, I applied to an advert in a London newspaper, for an Office Junior. I was 17 years old. This position happened to be working for an IT Recruitment Agency. I started at the bottom, as a data entry person, inputting IT skills into a Dos Based system from CV’s that came into the agency. I supported the Recruitment Consultants, updating the database and when searches came in, I would have to pull out all the individual files and CV’s that were stored in filing cabinets and place them on the consultants desks for them to call and then put them all back again !

You can imagine the fun I had :).

I watched with amazement when the sales teams were filling jobs and bringing in new business and I just loved everything about recruitment, especially the buzzy atmosphere.  I used to listen and watch how they learned about company job briefs and presented candidates to clients and I just wanted to do what they did!  I was then given an opportunity to get more involved and was promoted to Resourcer. I’ve never looked back since, that was 22 years ago!

What are the main challenges in the London recruitment market?

There are not enough jobs in comparison to the number of people looking for work!

What was your first placement in recruitment?

My first placement was with a pharmaceutical company, placing a candidate in a Java Developer role for an IT contract Position.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

The variety of recruitment makes this job both challenging and rewarding, the opportunity to meet so many different people both from a candidate and company perspective  means that you get the chance to use a multitude of different skills  daily.  To me, there is no better feeling than helping someone find their dream role or helping a client find the best people for their teams, helping them through each stage of the process and feeling valued in the role that we play in making this happen.  Building a reputation in my market has taken years of dedication and hardwork and seeing how I have helped grow and develop others,  whether that’s candidates I have helped find work and seeing how they have progressed, or developing our internal consultants and seeing them grow into their own specialist areas,  is what makes it all worthwhile!

What are the main challenges of working in the broadcast division?

Our main areas of expertise is recruiting for the TV Multi-Channels, Post Production Houses, Ad Agencies & Service Providers, across a wide selection of disciplines.  Over the last few years we have seen these businesses focus more and more on direct hiring,.  With the use of recruitment portals, social media and the incestuous nature of TV the challenges we are facing are increasing. We need to ensure we are always one step ahead of what’s happening and make sure our network of people is constantly growing so that we can work pro-actively not re-actively to make sure that, even before a job becomes available, we know who to call, who may consider a move and who would be perfect fit for up and coming roles!

Our clients and candidates rely on us to support them in time critical, difficult to fill positions or roles where they just need our expertise; so our challenge is to ensure we are constantly keeping up to date with our network and the industries we specialise in and that our clients and candidates see the value in what we do and how it benefits them or their business.

What are the three most important qualities in a  good recruitment consultant ?

Honesty, integrity and being able to listen!

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about a career in the industry?

Research your markets and think about which particular industry sector or roles you would like to recruit in  – Clients and Candidates need to know that they are working with industry specialists and people who are passionate about their industry and understand the roles for which they are recruiting.

If you are thinking about recruitment for the first time, approach reputable agencies that have a clear definition and are industry experts, so you can become one too, and get the training and support you will need. Recruitment is not easy! You must ask yourself if you are self motivated, can be accountable for your own results and are willing to work within a targeted environment.

Talk to people in the recruitment industry about their jobs, find out as much as you can about their roles, the highs and the low’s, what goes into a full 360 role and see whether you feel you have the right personality and drive to become successful in this field.

How has the recruitment industry changed since you started ?

Massively!  I have worked in recruitment for over 22 years, recruitment practices are constantly evolving.   We always had relationships with line managers and the recruitment process was pretty much managed directly with these hiring managers.  With social media and the increase of businesses focusing on direct hires, we have seen many of our clients bring in internal recruitment teams. In addition, the introduction of Recruitment Portals has changed the way we can and are allowed to recruit.  The automation of the recruitment process can pose its own challenges and compromise the level of service recruitment companies can offer.

In addition, with constant changes in regulations, the administration processes as part of recruitment now have increased immensely which has increased administrative workloads for both front and back office.  We have had to adapt our approaches accordingly, which only signifies the benefit of using agencies, where our specialism and networks are invaluable.  Companies are advertising high volumes of roles and having to rely on candidates responding to their active vacancies, however they are not necessarily able to tap into the wider marketplace and really qualify the best skills and candidates for the job.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in life?

Never presume anything!

What would you be doing if you weren’t in recruitment?

Working with kids.


by Boyce Recruitment on February 2, 2016

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