Certain words can make job ads more appealing

Inserting certain words in advertisements could make them more appealing to those searching for London jobs or roles throughout the rest of the UK.

That’s the finding of a study undertaken by an independent jobsite. Working with a team of psychologists, it examined over 200,000 job advertisements in order to uncover what makes the “perfect” composition.

The most ideal job advert should come to approximately 140 words, the research revealed, according to Recruiter.co.uk. The words ‘opportunity’, ‘service’ and ‘position’ should be included within the text; as should three sector-specific words. For example, adverts for media roles should have words like ‘techniques’ or ‘experience’.

A spokesperson for the research, Geraldine Finn, explained why companies should take into account these findings when crafting their advertisements. She told Onrec.com: “In a competitive jobs market, it’s more important than ever that employers tailor their adverts to attract the best possible candidates.”

However professor Gary Cooper CBE (who also commented on the results) admitted that it can be tough for employers to strike a balance between including the necessary information without “boring” relevant jobseekers.

Cooper went on to advise: “Specific words have been shown to drive maximum views and applications amongst key sectors, clearly showing that employers need to linguistically tailor their job ads to the correct sector in order to attract the largest number and highest calibre of candidates.”

by Deborah Bates on November 4, 2011

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