Careers advice should be given from age ten

Pupils aged as young as ten should be given careers advice, helping them to prepare for their hunt to find jobs in London or other areas.

That’s the advice of Simon Hughes, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats; who recently wrote a report outlining his thoughts and presented it to David Cameron.

Mail Online cited parts of Hughes’ report, which read: “It is never too early for people to start thinking about future careers and educational opportunities.

“Children in their last year of primary school can be inspired and can form their first clear impressions of the world of work and further study.”

It is Hughes’ hope that if career advice were to be administered from this young age, then children would be better prepared for university and the world of work, confirmed. He added that his thoughts were inspired by the opinions of young people across the UK.

“The message I have heard…is clear,” the Lib Dem MP said. “We need better careers advice, starting early, and with parents as well as students given better information about going to university.”

However not everyone reacted well to his report, with the general secretary of the University and College Union, Sally Hunt, stating that she couldn’t see the “point” of the report. Furthermore, the president of the National Union of Students, Liam Burns, said it was “toothless.”

by Deborah Bates on July 21, 2011

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