Career swap the most popular change to make in 2014

Switching careers is the most popular new year’s resolution among Brits, according to new research.

A survey from Scottish Widows reveals that one in four people are looking to move out of their current roles and into something more rewarding over 2014, reports

Indeed, despite many households still feeling the effects of the recession, the poll suggested that millions of people have set their sights on moving into a job they love rather than one that simply pays for their keep. said younger workers were found to be the most active job seekers, with one in two telling the researchers they were after a career change in the year ahead.

Contrastingly, over-40s were far more reluctant to consider a career change at their age, as just one in ten said they would use 2014 to look for a new job.

The research said this provided evidence that more people are warming to the idea of career reinvention, realising that few jobs are guaranteed for life.

Commenting on the results, University of Edinburgh business expert Professor Wendy Loretto said: “As people adapt to all of the factors changing our career environments – from the unstable financial climate, technological innovations and an ageing working population – they are realising the need to be more self-reliant in achieving their ultimate aspirations and this often means reinventing themselves to start on a new path.” 

by Boyce Recruitment on January 3, 2014

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