Being a PA is not often a job people shout about, but the reasons for this may not be what you would immediately think.

PA’s can work for Senior Executives, Businessmen or High Net Worth Individuals, a Celebrity or any High Profile figure. As such they need to be discreet when dealing with the public and therefore  can shy the limelight. In addition, the very nature of what they do can be extremely broad, challenging and interesting. In fact whenever there is a high profile name in the press, there is usually a very competent and efficient PA behind the scenes taking on a range of responsibilities.

There are many avenues to becoming a PA.  The most traditional route was to start as a secretary and move up the ranks. Nowadays we see more and more Executive Assistants & PA’s who have  come from business background be it advertising, financial services or events. They chose to work as an Executive Assistant as they are interested and attracted to the challenges such a diverse and varied role offers. Given the diversity of nationalities in London, we have seen an increase in requests for PA’s with language skills.

Daily tasks can vary from organising meetings, business trips, conference attendance to handling press enquiries, setting up events, dealing with suppliers, managing the office, recruiting other people and going shopping on behalf of the boss.

PA’s don’t ask for the limelight. Their success is based on trust. They need to be very competent to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible for their boss. Often they work under immense pressure to achieve what they need to.  They are discreet, they are usually always busy. An extremely successful PA is always presentable. He or she may be working behind the scenes but they will always be confident if they have to deal with anyone face to face.  They will never cross the line between professional and personal relationships although they can be heavily rewarded for their hard earned work.

The rewards for doing a good job can be surprisingly good for someone who hasn’t been a PA before. Good PA’s and Executive Assistants can command salaries of anywhere between £35,000 and £70,000 per annum. Bonuses and other rewards can vary. We have known of a successful PA we placed in the City to have been given a 2 weeks all expenses paid trip as a reward for their bosses successful business dealings.

If you were thinking about becoming a PA then please do get in touch.

by on February 4th, 2015
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