How can recruiters make your life easier?

What does recruitment mean for most people?

Generally, when people talk about recruitment, potential candidates think about the pain of interviewing, the hours spent trying to put a decent CV together, the “ghost” applications for which they never receive any type of feedback and of course the repetitive cover letters …

If you’re on the other side of the fence, you already anticipate the hundreds of irrelevant CVs you will receive, how too many people you interview won’t be even close to what you need, the awkward silences where you get no replies at all, the never ending process and most importantly you have no clue of when you will be able to manage all of the above as the reason why you are recruiting is exactly because you are already overworked!

But what if recruitment was none of the above? What if there was help out there for all of this?

What are the biggest struggles in talent management?

I have now accumulated over 5 years working in recruitment in different shapes and forms, and I have heard everything and anything about recruiters from both candidates and clients. Our industry is suffering from a very negative image which most of the time is only funded by wrong or unclear expectations.

But the fact is that every company has similar challenges when it comes to talent management:

  • Talent retention

  • Quick access to strategic skills

  • Candidate experience and employers brand

  • Make the right hires

  • Recruitment cost

What do “recruiters” offer to solve these struggles?

Recruiters are not just simple “recruiters”, but also consultants.

Consultant means that we provide advisory services to our clients based on their unique needs. We work with many different people and our industry and market knowledge can add high value to our clients.

We are on the ground, all day, talking to people who share insights with us and explaining why they are looking to leave their current jobs, giving us the answer to how you as an employer could retain talent.

Our network and contacts are made of many passive jobseekers, who aren’t in a hurry to change jobs, just want to keep looking out for that special role, candidates with specific skills, waiting for THE perfect job to come up, where they will be able to use the strategic skills you may well be looking for.
The experience of each candidate going through a recruitment process is key. They will give us feedback after every interview and exchange information with us on where else they are interviewing what they feel the company they are interviewing at does well and what reservations they have about the job, the culture and and the business. From there, we know already what you, the hiring company, need to do / say / show / sale / offer to rank high in the list of options these candidates have.

Hiring someone is about skills and expertise and it’s also about personality. It’s easy to train the right person, but it’s less easy to have to let someone go because of a bad cultural fit. Many recruiters do meet their candidates properly (personally I think they should meet all their candidates) and if you are clear about the type of personality you are looking to hire, we will be able to screen these elements for you and save you time and cost.

And actually, talking about cost, how much does it cost you to be understaffed or have an open vacancy for months? How much does it cost you to have an internal resourcing team? When you are invoiced by a recruitment agency after a placement, you need to remember that we have given you a full service of advising and consulting, already included in our fees, but barely recognised by our clients.

As a conclusion, it seems obvious to say that there is much more to recruitment agencies than just a CV provider. We can manage the process for you, help you improve your candidates’ experience, and actually make your life way easier, by working and cooperating towards the same objective: helping you find the right talent for the success of your company. Talking about consultancies, as Einstein said, “it’s insane to keep doing the same thing over and over again but expect different results. “

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by Boyce Recruitment on October 9, 2016

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