Cameron asks for advice on AWR

Prime minister David Cameron has reportedly asked for advice on how to “dilute” the upcoming Agency Workers’ Regulations (AWR), reported, only weeks before the initiative is due to be implemented.

AWR is set to affect mostly temporary workers, in roles ranging from market research jobs to broadcast jobs. It has been subject to many delays and overhauls, however it had recently seemed it would finally be brought force.

This could now be in jeopardy given Cameron’s alleged wish to moderate the law. He is said to be “concerned” AWR will impact the British economy in a negative way. He has not revealed exactly why he believes this is.

His decision to review AWR so close to its launch date may upset some, however the chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), Kevin Green, welcomed the move.

“We have consistently highlighted some of the complexities within the AWR and we welcome the fact that the Prime Minister is reportedly taking a direct interest in their impact,” he told “Any measures to streamline the way that the regulations are applied would be welcomed.”

The chief executive did admit though that if anything were to come of Cameron’s decision, the industry would want to know why.

“If the government was to go head to head with the EU in simply refusing to introduce the new laws, there would be legitimate questions as to why this option was not pursued before, since agencies have already invested substantial time and money in preparing for implementation on 1 October,” he concluded.

by Deborah Bates on September 7, 2011

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