‘Cameras in court’ reform is historic, say broadcasters

Broadcasters have released a joint statement saying they are looking forward to working alongside the judiciary in the future, following the announcement of a key reform.

According to broadcastnow.co.uk, ITV, Sky News and the BBC greeted the decision to allow cameras into British courts by saying that it will allow the public to see that justice is done – although there will still be restrictions on what can be shown.

The presiding judge will continue to control what can be shared publicly, but people in broadcast jobs can expect to be able to show parts of the process such as the judge’s comments.

A statement from the trio of broadcasters read: “Following years of campaigning, we welcome this historic reform that marks an important step for democracy and open justice. The presence of cameras in our courtrooms will lead to greater public engagement and understanding of our legal system.”

The decision to allow cameras into British courtrooms was included in the Queen’s speech on Wednesday (May 9th) as one of the legislative changes that the current coalition government intends to bring in over the coming year, explained guardian.co.uk.

For the Queen’s speech, the House of Lords, House of Commons, judiciary and the sovereign come together.

by Paul Smithson on May 10, 2012

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