‘Budget for jobs’ on the way

This year’s budget will focus primarily on jobs and skills, according to Chancellor George Osborne.

Osborne was confident that all the necessary spending cuts and tax rises were included in last year’s Budget, leaving the Government free to concentrate on growth and employment this time around.

News of his statement will be especially pleasing for those looking for private sector jobs in London and the rest of the UK.

He told The London Evening Standard: “Having undertaken the rescue mission last year, I don’t have to come back and ask for more this year,” he confirmed.

“So I can say in the Budget this week I am not going to be asking for more tax increases or more spending cuts.”

“We have asked what is required of the British people in last year’s Budget and that enables us in this year’s Budget to move on to putting in place the policies that will help Britain compete, help Britain create jobs and growth in the future.”

Publicservice.co.uk have predicted the Government borrowing will be £10 billion less than the anticipated £158 billion – but the economy will not grow as much as originally hoped.

“We have taken Britain out of the fiscal danger zone. Now we have to move from rescue to recovery and reform,” Osborne continued.

by Joe Elvin on March 23, 2011

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