Broadcast / Media Distribution jobs in London on the rise

Broadcast / Media Distribution jobs in London on the rise


The London media job market offers a vast array of opportunities within different parts of the business. Jobs in distribution fall into one of those categories.

Growing demand for content in established and emerging markets mean that distributors are having a strong year and opportunities for growth have been created in small and large businesses. 

Broadcasters in the US, Australasia, Scandinavia and UK need more strong contact as ever. In addition there is also an increase in the demand from emerging markets.

With more and more networks competing for audiences,  money is being invested in successful series’ from all over the world. In fact according to broadcast magazine , the broadcast industry publishing specialists,  more money is being invested in established series, than in new/ content where the financial risk is seen to be much higher.

 Furthermore, British companies are no longer distributing UK only content but have broadened their content distribution to include international content in order to feel more confident about protecting their financial interests.  

 Job opportunities in distribution include positions in sales, licensing, digital, logistics as well as translation and general administration. Languages are also useful in these roles particularly if working with countries  across continents and outside of the euro.

by Boyce Recruitment on November 5, 2012

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