How to be a successful TV freelancer?  

Our broadcast recruitment team is always on the lookout for skilled freelancers / temporary workers as the number of jobs in the TV industry shows no sign of diminishing.

Job roles can vary in this industry and include positions in creative services, TV operations, administration/ PA support, bookings, business affairs, editorial & subtitling, licensing, compliance, programme planning, scheduling, advertising & marketing, audience analytics & HR.

When selecting the best media freelancers for the industry, organisations tend to prioritise candidates who have worked in the broadcast  industry before, and who can offer skills outside of the role they are applying to i.e. not always specified in the actual job description. In addition freelancers like to build their skills set and so the opportunity to work in different parts of the business helps them do this. thus increasing their long term career prospects.


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We asked Rema Nur  who works on the broadcast freelancers desk, which temps are the most in demand in the TV industry and how could candidates who want to freelance, increase their employment opportunities when applying for temporary jobs in the broadcast industry.


The most successful freelancers, ie. the ones that get selected quickly, are the ones that, not only have market knowledge and experience of working within a broadcaster, but have also spent much of their spare time picking up additional skills.  

It’s much easier to do than ever before with the availability of online training tools and the multitude of general courses on offer. Developing technical skills, for example, such as Avid editing or Final Cut Pro will help make a temp worker more employable even if they come from a coordinating background. Many of my temps are choosing to do courses in their private time and the investment really pays off in the long run. There are places in London that offer  editing courses , for example as well as a number of resources online which make learning how  these skills very simple.  My clients are selecting people to work with them who have skills which aren’t even mentioned in the job descriptions they give us. They are always one step ahead and thinking of whether the freelancers they select could help out in other parts of the business in the future. This saves time and the cost of inducting a new freelancer for every assignment they have and gives them the opportunity to retain the most talented people available.

Here is the list of most in demand skills the broadcast team are currently looking for

  • Content/Media management coordination
  • Promo and short form content
  • QC, ingest
  • Programming and Presentation
  • Editing: Premiere, AVID, After Effects
  • Software skills: IBMS, VISION, BSS
  • Languages, ideally European
  • Online AND Offline Machine Room Experience (Ingest, Encode, Conform, QC etc)
  • Trouble shooting and prepping Edit Suits
  • Longform content
  • TV audience analysis
  • Editorial and subtitling
  • Licensing.


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by Boyce Recruitment on July 15, 2016

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