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Our recruitment consultants are a fantastic database of knowledge, trends, strategy and information on  companies and their markets. We shoulder the responsibility of representing companies that want to hire brilliant people and also giving brilliant people the chance to work with brilliant employers. A brilliant recruiter will know how to keep in line with social media trends and will work with brands to make sure their individuality is understood and will treat them that way.

A good recruitment specialist plays a vital role in helping build a brand, manage reputation and identify some really fantastic opportunities to talented job seekers, without divulging confidential information to competitors.

The web and social media has blurred the lines between recruitment companies and in-house  recruiters, with many companies choosing to try and recruit directly in addition to using specialist external suppliers. Whilst direct recruitment can work in some instances, our clients tell us that there is definitely always a need to work with specialist independent recruitment firms, particularly when looking for certain new and emerging skills as well as senior level specialists. They believe external recruiters give them access to a pool of candidates whom they would not otherwise have access to.

Our candidates also tell us that using recruitment companies gives them more choice and the chance to honestly see what a company is really like. The majority of candidates we placed in 2012 were pleased to have found work in companies that they would not necessarily have applied to themselves or where they assumed their skills might not be relevant. This confirms our belief that we offer added value and access to a much broader choice of companies when thinking about a next career move.

If you are thinking about a change of career or about employing a new team member, but haven’t decided how to go about it, then give us a call and speak to one of our industry specialists who would be more than delighted to talk you through your options.



by Boyce Recruitment on August 11, 2013

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