Boyce Temp of the Month (April 2008)


Well done Jairus Obayomi for receiving temp of the month.

A 2007 graduate Jairus has been working for Boyce since November last year. Currently she is working for a leading translation agency in Central London as a proofreader , however she has been quick to develop her skills to offer help to other areas within the business.

Jairus has been recognised for her versatility and “can do” attitude . Always willing to lend a hand she is keen to get as involved as she can despite the fact that she is working as a temp.

“She will stay until the work is done and is reliable. It has been great seeing her development form the beginning to the point that she is at now, involved with the project and eager to do better. A very hard worker. ”

“Our business is not a 9-5 job and Jairus has helped out in many instances where we needed extra help late in the evenings to proofread something. Also, she catches things that other proofreaders may have overlooked, which is very important in this business. Thirdly, she knows quite a bit about computers and their software which has helped us out in many occasions. Fourthly, she speaks Italian, and was thus able to help out in several Italian-related projects.”


by manuela on May 1, 2008

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