Whitechapel Mission : Fundraising Monopoly Challenge

Yesterday, Boyce Recruitment participated in the “Monopoly Challenge”, organised by the The Whitechapel Mission, a homeless charity in London. For those of you who know us, you will have hard about this wonderful charity before as they hold a very special place in our hearts.
Under the London sun, the goal was to race to as many parts of London which can be found on the Monopoly Board to earn as many points as possible.


12 companies had decided to take part in this challenge, which is held once a year. A great experience, especially for me as I have only recently moved to London.

This gave me some special time to do something fun and worthwhile with some of my new colleagues, whilst supporting the actions and values ​​of this wonderful homeless charity. The Whitechapel Mission was very welcoming, offering us bottles of water, chips and ice-cream on our return 🙂

An experience to renew … I’m already looking forward to the next year!


Hier , Boyce Recruitment a participé au Monopoly Challenge, organisé par la White Chapel Mission á Londres. Sous le soleil londonien, le but était de se rendre dans différents quartiers de Londres afin de gagner un maximum de points.  12 entreprises s’étaient réunis pour  participer, á ce challenge, qui a lieu une fois par an. Une très bonne expérience. Ceci nous a permis de passer un très bon moment entre collègues, tout en défendant les actions et valeurs de l’association.  L’association WhiteChapel, nous a d’ailleurs très bien accueillis, nous offrant bouteilles d’eau, chips et glaces á notre retour . Une expérience á renouveler … A l’année prochaine !



Nahida Bendroh

by Nahida Bendroh on June 23, 2017

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