Beware the rumours

A frequent objection to applying to a new job with a new company is that on the grapevine the business has been experiencing bad press, or had a difficult year. This has to be a true experience for most London based companies and still many more are experience a mass exodus of key staff.

Let’s face it apart from the small percentage of growing businesses in niche sectors (for example within online strategy) many companies have faced a difficult time either  as a result of  a loss of front end revenue or as a result of  a reduction in external investments. It is important, to remember that the feel of a company is a personal experience and whilst there may be some truth in the gossip or rumours, it is always making a decision for  your own personal experience. It is just a question of making sure the right questions are asked in the interview process.  

Experience tells us that what is a terrible employment experience for one employee can be an excellent opportunity for another as it is all so subjective. I would urge you to remain open minded when exploring new job opportunities.

by Boyce Recruitment on March 23, 2010

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