The benefits of working as a temp in the Tv Industry

With the TV landscape changing and broadcasters implementing new strategies, restructures and new ways of working, there is no better time than to keep a more open mind about the benefits of temporary opportunities.

Being made redundant or coming to an end of a contract can be extremely daunting regardless of your seniority, but there are many positives to look forward to and you will find that you are able to consider opportunities that you are not always able to when committed to a permanent role.

Temp work is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your experiences within different companies and teams, and will also open your network to internal job boards and of course build relationships with internal teams and hiring managers who could perhaps lead you to that next Permanent role you have been seeking.

Changing your mindset:

When looking for permanent work, there will always be a different mindset in terms of what role, level and salary you will consider, but with temp work you can afford to think differently in terms of what work you may take on.
By being open minded and flexible about the type of role you will consider or level of role, will gain you other experiences and knowledge that you may not have for example: A chance to work for a new client, perhaps a company you have been keen to work for in the past, an opportunity to learn new broadcast systems which may help you when applying for permanent roles, work on specific projects (migrations, channel launches, rebrands etc ) again all of which may give you project experience you had not experienced before.
Temp work is a great opportunity to keep working, pay those bills, whilst continuing your search for that perfect permanent role.

On the plus side :
It doesn’t have to be at the sacrifice of a permanent job. Temping in the Tv Industry, whilst looking for permanent work, will not only keep you busy but will allow you to earn some money whilst continuing your permanent job search.
You will get the chance to make new contacts within Broadcasters that you might not have had the opportunity to work with before and will give you an insight into their culture and environment. This is a great way to see if you would want to work there in a permanent basis and could give you access to permanent roles as soon as they come up.
You will have the opportunity to learn new technical skills and workflow processes that may benefit you when applying to other clients that use the same systems.

You’re in control. 

You can decide whether to commit to short, mid or long term bookings depending on your priorities and expectations. In most cases you will have the flexibility to make those decisions and if you want to you can take some time off once an assignment has finished to pursue other things, before going back to temp again.



Archie Ravalia

by Archie Ravalia on May 11, 2019

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