Benefit claimants may be fit to work after all

Nine out of ten claimants on benefit sickness have been judged ‘fit to work’, according to government figures.

The Telegraph reports that only seven per cent of applicants were deemed too ill to go back to work, while more than a third of the 1.3 million people who applied for Employment and Support Allowance were found to be fully capable of working.

A similar figure abandoned their sick claims while their applications were still being processed and some claimants, while ill, were able to hold down a job “with the right help.”

More people heading back to work could see recruitment firms receive an influx of applications for jobs in London, Birmingham, Sheffield or any of the big cities in a bid to get back on the jobs ladder.

Work and Pensions Minister Steve Webb commented on the figures to “These figures show that many people are able to work with the right help. We have strengthened the support now available, tailoring it to individual needs so they can overcome whatever barriers they face.”

“Those who cannot work will always receive our unconditional support but for those who can work it’s right that they get the help they need to get into employment.”

However, charities have slammed the figures, claiming that the bar has been set too high for claimants with a genuine illness.

by Ashley Curtis on July 28, 2011

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