BBC World Service Trust to receive £90m

A £90 million grant has been awarded to the BBC World Service Trust, which will help to counteract previous funding cuts.

According to BBC News, the charity works with a number of broadcasters all over the world – including the UK’s World Service – which means that the five-year arrangement could provide a boost for those seeking multilingual jobs in London.

Caroline Nursery, a director at the trust, said: “This grant recognises the vital role we play and will help us reach 200 million people across 14 countries over the next five years.”

The World Service has been in operation since 1932 and is currently funded by the government’s Foreign Office; however, from 2014 the state will no longer cover its budget. The BBC will take over.

While many areas of the government have had to endure cuts, one that had its portfolio protected was the Department for International Development, which is where the funding has come from.

The Press Association reported international development secretary, Andrew Mitchell, as saying that the aim is to give people “knowledge and a voice” through the sharing of information via radio, the internet or mobile-based services.

In his opinion, such reports could be one of the government’s most powerful tools for reaching foreign communities, where access to objective news is restricted.

by Paul Smithson on November 14, 2011

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