BBC Radio 4 to tweet without Twitter

A new series starting on May 6th on BBC Radio 4 will be entitled ‘Tweet of the Day’ – but it will not be a Twitter-based project. 

Instead of being a social networking initiative, the programme will be a daily 90-second slot featuring a different birdsong each episode, reports This clever re-capturing of the word ‘tweet’ will be broadcast on weekday mornings at 5.58am and a special one repeated Sundays at 8.58am.

Sir David Attenborough will be presenting the piece throughout may – he will not imitate the birdsong, only provide related stories and facts for the bird in question. Future presenters lined up to take part include Miranda Krestovnikoff and Chris Packham, with 265 shows in the pipeline.

For those in broadcast jobs at the radio station, the show has involved hunting through the BBC sound archive as well as making new recordings (the nightingale and the garden warbler were missing, for instance) to play to bird enthusiasts and early risers.

Sir David remarked: “I’ve seen some of the most incredible animals on my travels around the world, but ‘Tweet of the Day’ is a nice reminder of the teeming world of birds on my doorstep.”

According to, the first bird to be featured on the show will be the cuckoo. Speaking to the news provider, a bird expert described how “there is something deep within us” that is attracted to the sounds made by birds.

Dr Tim Harrison, garden bird watch development officer at the British Trust for Ornithology, labelled the programme a “lovely idea” and highlighted how birdsong has traditionally been a way of marking the seasons.

by Paul Smithson on April 25, 2013

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