BBC Breakfast could return to London

BBC Breakfast could return to London.

It has been rumoured that BBC chiefs are planning to move part of the show back to the capital because they are struggling to attract high-profile guests to their Salford studios.

Executives reportedly believe that they might be better off filming the final section of the show in London in order to fix this problem.

A source from the show recently told “There has been a bit of discussion about what to do after 8.30am. One of the suggestions is a completely different programme for it – a Breakfast Extra.”

The move could create plenty of new London broadcast jobs, as the majority of those currently working on the show would stay in Salford. media journalist Vicky Frost pointed out that this would allow the BBC to improve its show, without seeming to admit that the move up north had been a failure. It would also mirror how ITV run currently their breakfast schedule. They transfer from Daybreak to Lorraine at 8.30.

Concluding the issue, another BBC insider stated: “It is a crucial part of the schedule so it’s important it works. The celebs are not brilliant and it doesn’t feel quite right.”

by Joe Elvin on September 26, 2012

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