• Why would you want to work in recruitment?

    This week Samantha Judd talks about the merits of working as a Recruitment Consultant.   Reward Telling someone about an offer of a job role is an amazing thing and I feel very privileged each time I am able to do this. From whoops of delight, screams of joy, a few tears or stunned silence […]

  • 7 reasons why I am choosing to make 2018 a great year

    When 2016 came to close I was relieved; so many icons and childhood heroes gone, not to mention the economic, political and social waves of change rippling through the world. I had no idea what 2017 would bring, but I had high hopes. However, it transpires that 2017 was a year of constant unease. A […]

  • The Rap Guide to being top of your game and then staying there.

     14 Tips on how to achieve recognition and earn top dollar Jay-Z style       Early Autumn is here and many passive job seekers are considering their options on the job market. This time of year is a popular time to change jobs.  As the season starts to change and summer holiday memories fade, […]

  • To be or not to be……. a L.C.C.?

    LIMITED COMPANY CONTRACTORS Many temps and freelancers are keen to work as Limited Company Contractors however this is not as straight forward as it may appear and you should carefully consider the following factors and thoroughly research the options before making your decision. Being your own boss – this can be extremely enjoyable and satisfying […]

  • The shocking truth about recruiters

    As an experienced recruitment professional with 25 years UK experience, I am well qualified to comment on the recruitment industry.  This is the shocking truth, so be prepared to be stunned We are a Profession We are consultants with market expertise and what we do is not purely fulfilment of headcount or in putting  “bums […]

  • The 10 C’s of People Management; a Decalogue of good management tips.

     by Samantha Judd Experienced and professional recruiters value a robust recruitment process and at Boyce Recruitment we work with clients to ensure that job specifications are clear and that we understand how the role we are recruiting fits into teams, departments and company’s business goals. There are proven benefits for all when job functions and […]