• How to Prepare for Remote Interviews

    As remote interviews become the new normal, we provide some helpful tips on how to prepare for them. 2020 was a year like no other, with employers having no choice but to move just about all their recruitment over to virtual. Before Covid, we would estimate that just over half of employers were willing to […]

  • Recruiting trends within the PR / Comms sector 2021

    What are the recruitment trends in 2021 for the PR industry? We’ve just completed one of the most challenging years ever for the PR industry. Just like every other industry, the impact of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Brexit, The US Elections and Environmental disasters have transformed the landscape. Finding ways to create effective, timely communications […]

  • Phrases to avoid on your CV (and ones to include)

    Phrases to avoid on your CV (and ones to include) We all know that a well-written CV is the first step to getting a new job. It is often your only shot at impressing a potential employer, as you sue the cv to  demonstrate precisely how well suited you are to the role. A lot […]

  • Freelancing / Temping in Market Research is on the rise.

    The demand for Market Research temps continues to rise this year. For this sector the  temps we worked with came from varied backgrounds. The reasons for temping ranged from just wanting to focus on the flexibility that freelancing  offered as a career to testing out the job market after talking extended leave, side hustling, and […]

  • Tips from the Media Temps Recruitment desk

    Here are some tips from the media recruitment team on how to make a great impression when temping in the TV Broadcast industry. 1.       Commitment – the most successful temps are the ones who turn up on time and commit to bookings whether they are for 2 days or 2 months.  Candidates often think that […]

  • Top CV tip for applying for a job as in Analytics.

    Top CV tip for applying for a job in Analytics. Getting the content of your cv right is so important when applying for jobs in Data Analytics. The analytics roles we are often asked to recruit for include forecasting, statistical analysis, marketing analytics & optimisation, data science, web analytics and data management. We work with […]

  • Blind Interviews

    Blind Interviews and Artifical Intelligence Blind hiring is a growing concept. Most commonly used at graduate level hiring but has become more and more widespread with major brands using AI to help them in their hiring process. What is Blind Hiring? Blind Hiring was developed to help eliminate instances of possible discrimination based on race, sex, […]

  • Pension Update for PAYE workers

    Minimum contribution increases planned by law (phasing) To comply with the Government Legislation under automatic enrolment, we are required to increase the minimum pension contributions from April 2019. Then minimum contributions you must pay from 6th April 2019 will 5% (current contribution is 3%). Our payroll system will automatically calculate the new deduction from 6th […]

  • Recruiting Digital & Content Analysts

    Trying to make sense of all the data we have access to, as a result of automation, has become a priority for business. Critical decision making is reliant on an organisation’s ability to harness new technologies and integrate them with more traditional marketing analysis in order to innovate and grow. The need to understand the […]

  • Meet Swagata- Technical Account Manager- Market Research

      We interview Swagata who works as a Technical Account Manager in Market Research. An Account Manager helps ensure the implementation and delivery of online surveys across various platforms. Swagata sits within the Corporate team and works with colleagues in Sales to advise clients on optimum research designs for their survey platforms. Why is a […]