Why August is the best time to apply for jobs.

School’s out in August which means that for the majority of UK and European nationals with family, it’s time to take a break and relax and enjoy what should be the sunny summer weather (obviously not always the case especially if you stay in the UK, especially if go by the weather on Wednesday this week, yeuch! )

It’s still a very common belief that this is the worst time to look for a new job but, on the contrary, we believe August can also be one of the best times to start your job search. This is down to a number of reasons:

1. You may have more time on your hands to search and prepare for jobs. For many UK workers, workload reduces dramatically at this time of year. In mid-August (15th) it is national holiday for many European companies, so added to general school holidays, it is a very popular time to take annual leave. August is also the time when parliament closes and our MPs take a break. However, for those who aren’t taking a holiday at this time of year, a smaller workload means more time to explore the different companies and jobs on offer and more time to think about, apply and prepare for interviews. You also have more chance of being able to apply for jobs without having to worry about the watchful eyes of your boss or colleagues, especially if they are away.

2. As so many people are on holiday in August, there are often less applicants per job. You might find you are more successful at finding work in August than in September when  everyone has come back from holiday. Holidays are a time to reflect about life and careers. We do find that the number of candidates who start their registration process after taking a break over the summer, increases in September (last year we had an 11% increase in new candidates registered in September compared to the previous month). Applying for jobs a month earlier than most can give you a head start and by the time your competition comes back from leave, you may already have found your dream job.

3. And finally if the recruitment industry news is anything to go by, (REC reports on jobs, APSCO)… 2017 in particular, has seen a steady increase in the number of jobs being registered. Arguably August offers you more jobs to choose from than ever before. Ask our consultants and they will say it is extremely busy at the moment, the request for new candidates has hit an all-time high.

If you are thinking about postponing your job search, think again. You might not be 100% sure about what path you want to take, but it is certainly a good time to start exploring before your workload increases again in September and then before you know you find yourself in December wishing you had done something positive to boost your career.

by Boyce Recruitment on August 11, 2017

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