Our recent employee survey which took place across all three divisions of our business (namely Media & broadcast, Market Research & Insight and Corporate Support services)  over May- June 2011 highlighted the fact that over 70% of employers had not made any plans to ensure the Olympics caused minimum disruption to their  business.

Despite the Olympics being very close to starting, many employers have not put any plans in place to cover any  related absences,  leave or delays in travel.

92% of respondents lived in London and whilst a mere 9% had tickets for one or more Olympic event, 26% were definitely planning to attend and 46% hadn’t made up their minds yet.

Although a  small percentage had booked time off to attend events w, with a greater number attending events during the weekends or evenings.

In the next couple of weeks with the run up to the opening ceremony building  interest , there is the potential that many candidates availability for work and also interviews may change.

In the likelihood that Britain does well in the events,  only 28% steadfastly specified they would still have no interest in watching.  We anticipate many employers having to adjust staffing plans to accommodate “Olympic fever” as the games approaches.

Only a minority of those surveyed had anticipated and planned to take time off for events although others said they would decide nearer the time.

Over 54% of employers had not made any plans or asked their employees about their travel . journey to work and updated them with details of already specified travel disruption.  Very few employers  supplied details of travel issues, flexible working or allowing any time off to watch the games.

Some firms have chosen to install a TV to allow viewing whilst some of the major events takeplace although only 5% have been made aware that their workplace is showing events.

by Boyce Recruitment on July 16, 2012

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