Approaching the end of the year (2009)
As we are approaching the end of the year, more and more clients are looking forward to a restful holiday and also expressing signs of optimism about the job market and economy next year.
Could this be because we are accustomed to the trials and tribulations that working in a tight economic climate offers and so any difficulty in finding work is very much viewed as part of the norm, or is it because there really are more job opportunities in the market place. Who knows for sure?
Our clients predict that next year there will be improvement in some key job areas, but not dramatically so. The temporary and freelance job market will continue to hold its own and the need for expertise in businesses will increase the number of contract and permanent positions advertised.
Hopefully the frustrations that some business have felt this year in not being able to source the ideal candidate for their roles , particularly at the higher end of the pecking order, will be removed as confidence in finding work in the London job market is gradually restored and skilled candidates start looking to boost their careers again.
Best wishes for a happy and restful holiday from the Boyce team.

by manuela on December 10, 2009

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