Almost two-thirds of job applications are inaccurate

A new study has found that 63 per cent of job applications contain incorrect information and the frequency of these errors is on the rise.

According to, the research from HireRight shows that in the third quarter of this year errors rose by 12 per cent compared to the same period last year.

The majority of inaccuracies are found in jobseeker’s educational background; with 38 per cent exaggerating or getting information wrong about their education. This was closely followed by employment history; as 35 per cent said they falsify details about their professional qualifications and memberships of professional organisations, reports

Steve Girdler, managing director at HireRight, said it is likely the competitive job market has caused the recent rise in application errors.

“The challenging employment market created by the economic downturn has increased the number of inaccuracies in CVs and job applications, yet most businesses don’t check the claims of those they are about to employ,” he explained. “As the economy picks up and there is more movement in the job market, the need for thorough checks should be at the forefront of employers’ minds.”

HireRight’s measured the data by conducting 75,000 checks on 20,000 applications at 1,800 organisations.

by Laura Varley on November 6, 2013

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