A day in the Life of a Presentation Scheduler

The day in the life of a Presentation Scheduler”

By Lorraine Plumb

You never know in the morning if it’s going to be a manic day or run like clockwork.  You can have days and weeks where everything seems to go wrong, commercial, promo and programme changes all seem to come at once so,  the key to pres scheduling is organisation and a slight obsession with stationary is always as a good sign that you have the right mentality.

Most mornings start, after a large coffee processing as runs, looking at over night data and prepping the schedules, so adding all your promos and secondary events in.

The afternoons tend to be timing up schedules and sending them off to TX, making your channel look as strong as you can by placing promos in the strongest part of the schedule. Changes come in at any time and one of the skills is to juggle everything at once and keep on top of things, normally starting with a cup of tea to make a plan of action.  There is a lot of repetition as its one of the few departments that has deadlines everyday that need to be hit so you have to like a bit of predictability but be able to role with all the changes as and when they come in and not crack under the pressure so times it can get pretty hectic.  That’s part of what I like though and I am one of the odd people who loves the challenge of never knowing what the next day can bring.

July 2011

by Boyce Recruitment on July 5, 2011

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